, Braces Technology Inspired by Space!
November 4, 2019

Braces Technology Inspired by Space!

Today, we will be sharing the inspiration behind the design of braces along with a couple of other fun facts! We have NASA to thank for a lot of the things we use in our lives today!

Did you know, memory foam was developed for sleeping on space shuttles? It was made to be light and compact without sacrificing comfort. How many of you have memory foam on your bed? Now you know how that technology came about!

Our favourite NASA invention is the metal that was produced for space shuttles. A combination of nickel and titanium that when heat-activated can remember specific shapes. This metal was the perfect solution in the process of designing braces! Thank you, NASA for the ability to create our dream smiles and for comfortable nights of sleep!

At Oradental, we use Damon braces! These braces use a type of bracket used to maximize comfort and efficiency during treatment. Book a consultation with us in Scarborough, Toronto and start your journey to straight teeth and a healthy smile!

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