, Essential Vitamins and Minerals for Healthy Oral Cavity
December 3, 2018

Essential Vitamins and Minerals for Healthy Oral Cavity

Similar to the balance of the human body, the mouth also needs essential vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. We have listed some of the important minerals and vitamins needed for healthy gums, teeth, and overall oral cavity.

Vitamin A: This vitamin aids in healing wounds and inflammation in the oral cavity.

Vitamin C: This vitamin is important for gum health. It strengthens the soft tissues in the mouth and aids in the formation of healthy connective tissues of the oral cavity.

Vitamin D: This vitamin is vital in the absorption of Calcium, which is essential for our gums and teeth. It also supports bone mineral density.

Calcium: Calcium is an essential mineral in forming and maintaining healthy teeth. It also aids in strengthening and hardening of the teeth enamel and jawbone.

Phosphorus: This is another essential mineral that supports the absorption of calcium. It also keeps your teeth strong and healthy.

A healthy oral cavity is imperative to general health. It is vital that you know what foods are rich in nutrients that can benefit your teeth and gums. In addition to a balanced diet full of minerals and vitamins, an oral hygiene routine and regular dental checkups are essential to maintaining a healthy oral cavity.

To learn more about vitamins and minerals for healthy teeth and gums, consult with our dentists at Oradental. Our office is located on Lawrence in Toronto.

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