, Everything You Need to Know About Root Canal Therapy
May 20, 2019

Everything You Need to Know About Root Canal Therapy

Dentists recommend treating tooth decay as quickly as possible. This helps preserve the natural tooth and avoid unnecessary pain. Mild tooth decay only needs some cleaning and filling, but severe decay might require a root canal. At Oradental in Toronto, we have carried out several root canal procedures and are very familiar with them. Here’s what you need to know about it:

What Root Canal Therapy?

A root canal is a process that consists of removing the pulp or the sensitive nerve tissue from the center of your decayed tooth. This removes all sensitivity and infection completely and saves the natural tooth.

When Do You Need Root Canal Therapy?

You need root canal therapy if your tooth decay gets past the dentin and reaches the pulp inside. This can cause a considerable amount of pain and can lead to serious infections in the jaw bone. Cleaning the infected matter is the only way to save the tooth and prevent further damage.

About The Procedure

Root canal therapy might sound intimidating, but it is a relatively simple procedure that requires only one or two visits to the dentist. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and is relatively painless.

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