April 8, 2019

Dental X-rays Are Important To Your Oral Health!

Dental X-rays are an essential part of your oral health care. They are a diagnostic tool used to help prevent oral health problems or diagnose problems for patients. At Oradental in Scarborough Toronto, we use dental X-rays to get a full detailed picture of your oral health care.

X-rays can be split into two different categories – intraoral, which is an x-ray taken inside of the mouth or an extraoral, which is an x-ray taken outside of the mouth. At Oradental, we often use intraoral x-rays to get a higher level of detail. Through this we are able to detect cavities, review the tooth roots, check for healthy bone around the tooth, identify if periodontal disease is an issue, review the developing teeth and monitor good tooth health.

Taking dental X-rays for our patients help us to diagnose any common problems and prevent future ones from happening. Our x-rays are performed by our experienced professional dental team. If you have questions about your oral health care, contact us at Oradental in Scarborough, Toronto! We are here to keep your oral health at it’s best!

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