Most Canadian children are active and many are involved in some kind of organized sport each year. One of the most common sports injuries, is damaged teeth.  A simple way to ensure that your child is protected and can play hard without concern of serious dental damage is with a sports mouthguard. The mouthguard creates a barrier between the upper and lower teeth to prevent them from crashing together during impact, as well as protecting the teeth from being hit by something outside of the mouth, such as a puck, stick, or ball. Mouthguards are also known to decrease the severity of concussions in which our dentist will discuss with you during your visit.

At Oradental, our dentists design and construct custom mouthguards. A detailed mould of your mouth of your teeth is taken and then sent to a laboratory which specializes in fabricating the appliance. There, the mouthguard is constructed out of material specified by our dentists in order to best suit your needs. While this type of guard is more expensive than store bought ones, it is custom fit for better tooth protection and eases your child’s breathing and speech.

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