Making smiles that meet royal standards.

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You deserve a smile that you’re proud to show off! Bid farewell to the days of covering your mouth when you laugh and get ready to have the smile of your dreams. With our advanced cosmetic dental services and state-of-the-art technology, we create the most confident and beautiful smiles. No longer a luxury for the rich and famous, you can get an affordable, superstar smile through our leading cosmetic services.

Veneers are ultra-thin shells of enamel-like porcelain that are handcrafted by master dental ceramists and permanently bonded to the front surfaces of the teeth. They are an excellent choice for improving your smile and have become increasingly popular due to their versatility. Veneers can close gaps, straighten misaligned teeth, replace old restorations, whiten discoloured teeth, erase stains, and create a more beautiful shape to your teeth.

ZOOM!® has been widely recognized as one of the leading in-office whitening systems and is ideal for anyone who wants immediate results. It is safe, effective, fast and now even strengthens tooth enamel. After a quick, one hour whitening session with ZOOM!®, your teeth can lighten up to 10 shades, with effects lasting from one in a half to two years.

Get professional whitening results at home in a safe, effective, and customized way. During your initial visit, a mold of your teeth will be made to create a set of thin, comfortable, form-fitting trays. The patient receives 4 syringes of Opalescence® 35% PF whitening gel (dispensed only by a licensed dental professional), to take home and powerfully whiten at your convenience.

Bonding is a quick and cost-effective way to correct common cosmetic dental problems. Strong dental adhesive is used to bond a composite resin filling to a tooth’s surface with minimal tooth preparation. In only one appointment, the teeth are sculpted and carefully matched to your smile’s attributes, helping ensure a smooth and flawless aesthetic.

We provide dental crowns and bridges made from the highest quality, ensuring they last longer and blend in seamlessly with the rest of your teeth. They are among the most common dental restoration treatments and can replace missing teeth or restore a tooth that has suffered trauma, decay, or has an unsightly appearance.


A healthy smile is a magnificent smile.

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At Ora Dental, we strive to provide you and your family with comfortable dental care and on-going education that you can rely on for a lifetime. With the most modern technology and latest preventive dentistry procedures, you and the ones you love can boast marvelous oral health. At Ora Dental you’re a part of a royal family, and we treat you like it.

Why put yourself through any pain or discomfort? Unforeseen dental problems and emergencies can occur at any time and can be quite traumatic and painful. At Ora Dental, we have the staff and facilities to deal with dental emergencies quickly and effectively. Whether you have a broken or lost tooth, a cracked crown or any other dental emergency, we can and will take care of you.

This is one appointment you won’t want to miss. Sit down and relax as we give you a warm eucalyptus towel, noise-canceling headphones and full control of our entertainment system. We create an environment that’s so relaxing, you won’t even notice your teeth are being cleaned. With our state-of-the-art equipment, we can accurately diagnose and assess your entire mouth to effectively and efficiently get you in and out, and back to living your day to the fullest.

Are you walking around with mismatched teeth, a mouth full of metal and mercury fillings? Well, no more! We only work with composite fillings that are mercury free, natural looking and durable so that your teeth can look and feel flawless by the time you leave our office. If you have silver fillings, we recommend replacing them with composite filling as they contain ~50% mercury and can corrode, leak, and cause stains on your teeth and gums.

The ‘pulp chamber’ is inside each of your teeth and houses the blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissues. When the pulp in this chamber becomes infected it becomes necessary to remove the infection in order to prevent tooth loss and other major issues. Root canal therapy is the procedure to remove such infection. It is a safe, effective, and quick way to preserve the quality and appearance of your smile.

Grinding or clenching your teeth at night can lead to several issues such as irreversible tooth wear, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain, muscle aches, lock-jaw, and joint clicking/popping. Night guards are an appliance that is worn only at night and prescribed to protect you from the deleterious consequences of grinding. If you are aware of grinding your teeth at night, it is best to get a night guard as soon as possible before irreversible sequelae develop.


Feel confident knowing that you’re being provided with comprehensive and safe care.

We gently and safely manage a wide variety of oral health concerns with the highest level of surgical care possible. Our relaxing environment together with our state-of-the-art technology will make you feel confident that you’re receiving the best available care. There is nothing better than knowing that you’re in competent hands from a team that puts your well-being first.

A tooth may need to be extracted (removed) for a variety of reasons. Common reasons include teeth that are severely decayed, periodontal disease, teeth fractured beyond repair, teeth that are poorly positioned in the mouth (i.e. impacted teeth, supernumerary teeth) and misaligned wisdom teeth.
Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to grow into the mouth and typically erupt between the ages of 17-21. They are commonly severely misaligned, leading to several issues such as pain, incorrect growth/impaction, difficulty eating, cyst formation, sinus complications, decay, and localized gum infections. Early removal is often recommended for these issues to avoid future problems and decrease the surgical risks involved with the procedure.

If you are missing one or several teeth, modern advances in dental medicine have brought new techniques for permanent replacement. Dental implants mimic the tooth-root structure and maximize your ability to eat, chew, speak and smile with confidence. They are designed for a lifetime and have unequivocally changed the quality of life in many individuals by being the most predictable tooth replacement option available with over a 95% success rate.

After a tooth is lost, bone in the region of the missing tooth tends to reduce over time. This often results in an inadequate amount of bone available to permanently secure a dental implant. With bone grafting, dentists can now replace missing bone in the jaw and restore a bony architecture that is suitable to support an implant long-term.


An award-winning orthodontic experience that will unveil your most royal smile.

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Not just for children and teenagers, more and more adults are getting their dream smiles through orthodontics. With modern technology, orthodontic appliances now have discreet options that will give you a gorgeous smile you’re proud to share. Investing in your smile can have significant benefits not just cosmetically, but socially and professionally. Get that perfect smile you’ve been dreaming of and soar in your personal and professional life.

Invisalign® is a great way to discreetly idealize the alignment of your teeth, as it is a series of clear, removable aligners that are made specifically for you. Each aligner is worn for 7 days and then switched to the next one, which gradually moves your teeth to their ideal alignment. No braces are needed to be placed. Usually, the use of aesthetic ‘attachments’ or ‘buttons’ are used to aid in the movement of your teeth and correct your bite.

Damon® braces are designed to truly maximize smile aesthetics in a gentle and comfortable way. This system utilizes low-friction technology that allows teeth to move with lighter forces, which means less discomfort for you. Many patients seek Damon braces primarily because this system creates wide/‘Hollywood’ smiles better than other types of braces and treatment options. While the time needed in braces will vary from case to case, treatment time with Damon® braces is typically much faster than with conventional braces. Also, far fewer appointments are required during treatment, making your Damon® experience convenient and hassle-free.

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