Here are Five Causes of Stinky Breath

No one likes bad breath. Unfortunately, we’ve all been a victim of being around someone with breath that isn’t so fresh. We try to avoid them, and if we can’t avoid them, we keep our distance. As bad as smelling unpleasant breath is, it’s even worse giving it off! You deserve to speak and laugh without fear of pushing away someone with your bad breath.

To know how to get rid of bad breath, we need to know what causes it. Hint: it’s not just eating garlic and onions! Keep reading to learn the causes of bad breath and how to treat it.


Food particles left inside your mouth provide a meal for bacteria. When bacteria break down this food, they create an odor. This same bacteria creates a layer of plaque and acid on your teeth, leading to tooth decay, gum disease, sensitive teeth, and bad breath. Your teeth are not only susceptible to bacteria growth, but your tongue is too! Bacteria love to cling to your warm, fuzzy tongue. To prevent bad breath, be sure to:

• Floss once a day, preferably before you brush your teeth.
• Brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes.
• Scrub your tongue – we recommend a clean tongue scraper!
• Rinse your mouth after every meal.
• Get regular exams and cleanings (we’ll remove that nasty gunk for you!)

The better your dental hygiene, the better your breath will be.

What’s causing my bad breath?


As you learned above, bacteria create odors in the mouth! Its best defense? Your saliva! If your mouth isn’t consistently producing the proper saliva amount, bacteria will grow, and your breath will suffer. This is why ‘morning breath’ exists – your mouth naturally creates less saliva as you sleep. However, chronic dry mouth throughout the day should raise concern.

You may not be drinking enough water (be sure to get 2.7L a day if you’re a woman and 3.7L if you’re a man). If you are getting enough water in a day, something more serious could be going on. Visit your dentist or doctor ASAP if you frequently experience a dry mouth.


Tobacco is not only bad for your overall health but your oral health too. Smoking and chewing tobacco makes you more vulnerable to tooth decay, gum disease, and infection, and, therefore, halitosis. Plus, that smoky smell is never pleasant! Improve your wellbeing and quit smoking – ask your primary doctor how.


If your bad breath persists even after following the above, you may have an underlying disease or condition. Gastrointestinal disease, tonsillitis, kidney disease, respiratory infections, and other systemic conditions can cause bad breath. To ensure everything is okay, meet with your primary doctor to determine the cause of your bad breath!


Certain foods release odor-causing chemicals. Here are some you should avoid for your freshest breath ever:

• Garlic*
• Onions*
• Dairy
• Canned
• Tuna
• Horseradish

Garlic and onions are especially detrimental to your breath because they are absorbed through your bloodstream. In other words, their effects cannot be eliminated with brushing, mouthwash, or mints – only time.


Ora Dental in Scarborough is here to help you eliminate bad breath! Deep cleaning can do miracles for your breath. And the better you keep up with your twice-yearly visits, the better your oral health will be. This means less plaque buildup, less tartar, and fresher breath. Schedule your appointment today to get rid of bad breath and learn more of our tips and tricks of keeping it away.