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If you are missing one, several or even all of your teeth, more modern advances in dental medicine have brought new advanced techniques for more permanent replacement. Dental implants are small cylindrical titanium fixtures that are placed and integrate into your jawbone and provide a stable base for the replacement teeth. A custom crown is then placed over the implant which looks, feels and functions like a natural tooth. Dental implants mimic the tooth-root structure and maximize your ability to eat, chew, speak and smile with confidence.  They are designed for a lifetime and have unequivocally changed the quality of life in many individuals by being the most predictable tooth replacement option available with over a 95% success rate.


For most patients, the full implant process may take anywhere from three to eight months or longer, depending on your particular case.  The process may involve one or more surgical procedures. oftentimes, bone grafting may need to be done to restore lost bony structure to hold a large enough implant.  Bone loss is common around teeth lost from trauma, gum disease or long-standing edentulism (tooth loss). Once placed, the implant has to “bond” with your jawbone (a process called osseointegration), which takes approximately three to six months. Similar to how roots support your natural teeth, the process of osseointegration helps to provide a solid base for your artificial tooth. During this time, you may need a temporary prosthesis to maintain space and maximize esthetics while the implant osseointegrates.


Once the osseointegration process is complete, the restorative phase begins. Placement of the abutment is typically the next step. The abutment is the part of the implant upon which the crown will eventually be placed. Gum tissue is closed around  the abutment and an impression (mould) is taken to Dr. Chris or Dr. Jessica Tasios can start fabricating your new teeth.


Whether it’s the confidence to smile again, or just eat normally, dental implants may be the solution to your problem, as the most advanced, natural, and permanent option for tooth replacement.